fredag 23 augusti 2013

im doing something momentual in the fall im gonna throw in some pieces of it here on the blogg enjoy hope you like it as much as i like doing them

so im starting this up again i never thought of doing this but im gonna give it a try . i logged in and saw what ive accomplished in two years  i let this thing be just hadnt have the time ....but here we go an organic life form if you wanna follow this youre welcome.

im gonna put some tattoos up more like alot but at the same time put some work around the tattooing buisniss and some privet shit i can muster up
the day is the end i guess

fredag 10 december 2010

filip leu trip

so me and my good friend tacua gased down to schweitz for him to get tattooed by filip leu regarded as one of the best if not the best tattoo artist in the world he have inspired Shige and made friends with the likes of Paul Booth Paul Rogers Horiyoshi 3 and many many more. we meet Titine Leu Filips wife His brother and also his mother Loretta Leu as well. some of the pics are from the hrgeiger museum haha
here is some pictures from the trip to illustrate the good time we had

love you to death guys and thanks for the good inspiration and time

tisdag 30 november 2010

god of war

this was fun as hell doing very diffrent of what i usually do but i like stepping out of the box you learn much and see things differently cudos joakim for taking it so good a pleasure doing

fredag 26 november 2010


are about to embark on a roadtrip with my dear friend taqua elhombre mejor to seitzerland and laugh at taqua as he gets tattooed by filip leu gonna be fun and very rewarding maybe get some learning in like shige did and so many others just observing my ass of  and come up with some new ideas for japanese sleeves and stuff